2030 Setting Haifa in Motion

CONSIDER―Industrial Heritage Project

Six cities around the world are participating in a prestigious international project for the preservation of their respective industrial heritage and its transformation into a vibrant, cultural part of their city life. At the initiative of the Haifa 2030 team, Haifa is now one of those cities.

Kiryat Haim sea center

After dozens of tons of iron and concrete hazards were cleared from the beach, the (temporary) Watersport Center in Kiryat Haim has been opened, and it’s already bustling with activity. A permanent center is to be established nearby. Watersport enthusiasts in Kiryat Haim now have a home

Pedal Power

A network of bicycle paths will connect every Haifa neighbourhood to transportation, commercial and cultural centers, as well as educational and higher education institutions.

Let the sunshine in

Once photovoltaic roofs are installed, their maintenance is quite simple and the sun does its thing. Some 25,500 square meters of solar panels are about to be installed in Haifa

Shikmona of Crimson

The re-exposed ancient mound, which housed the production of crimson dye in the days of the Kingdom of Israel, is now accessible to the Haifa public and tourists

From abandoned buildings to artists’ studios

Win-win – The municipality has begun rehabilitating abandoned buildings under its ownership and turning them into artists’ studios. Soon you’ll be able to visit them on Ha’atzmaut Street, Khoury Street and Shapira Street

A public pool for Haifa residents

The municipality has purchased back the lease rights of the Sportan, Haifa’s Country Club, so that city residents can enjoy it at affordable prices

Rich architectural heritage

Haifa is a culturally rich city with an outstanding mix of town planning schemes as well as domestic, public and industrial architecture.

Peaceful Coexistence

Haifa is internationally recognized as a model of coexistence where Jews, Muslims, Christians, Baha'i and Druze communities live together in harmony.

The city and its sea

Haifa's coastline offers the city an inexhaustible abundance of beauty above and below water, recreational activities and sports, with the qualities that attract tourists and investors. A sea of options

The wadi under my window

The wonderful wadis on the slopes of the western Carmel Ridge are extensions of the neighborhoods above them. Beautiful nature within walking distance. The better we are to them, the better they'll be with us

City on the move

They are about to change our perception of moving around the city, cancel arduous uphill climbs, free us from dependence on private and public transportation, and reduce the distances between landmarks and activities