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31 Mayors Introduce Even More Trees, Parks and Green Space in Cities to Save Lives and Tackle the Climate Crisis

C40 CITIES | July 13 2021

Mayors sign C40’s Urban Nature Declaration, committing further big investments in urban nature to protect cities from the impacts of climate change and ensure everyone has access to green spaces. 

Cities acting now by signing the Declaration are Athens, Austin, Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Durban, Freetown, Guadalajara, Haifa, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Medellín, Milan, Mumbai, New Orleans, Paris, Quezon City, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Rotterdam, Salvador, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Toronto.

Photo: Haifa Municipality
Photo: Haifa Municipality

Champion Mayor Einat Kalisch Rotem

By: | 14 July 2021

“A beacon of peace and tolerance in Israel, Haifa perceives its cultural, religious and social diversity as a strategic asset, also at the economic level. Mayors play a key role in laying the foundations for economic prosperity, where no one is left behind, and where the environment and the well-being of future generations are major considerations. This is a challenge that transcends municipal and political boundaries, and I am fortunate to be part of an ever-growing community of mayors who are placing inclusiveness at the core of urban action.”

– Mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotem

Photo: Haifa Municipality

The Haifa Municipality has launched an assistance mechanism for small businesses

By: Shir Karpis | 7 February 2021, 12:53

The project involves the partnership of the economic company, Isracard and the Easy app, and it will allow a refund for each cumulative purchase in the amount of one thousand shekels.  10 million Nis fund will accompany the project for three years.

Photo: Haifa Municipality

Haifa residents go up to the roof

By: Shir Karpis | 31 January 2021, 10:22

The “Green Roof” project is a unique project, promoted by the Haifa Municipality under the leadership of the Haifa Administration 2030, Haifa University Center, Welfare Department, Department of Gardening and Public Health, “Neighborhoods in Change” project and residents’ representatives.

Photo: Haifa Municipality

Strengthening small businesses: The municipality has initiated a refund mechanism

By: Hagit Hornstein March 15, 2021, 13:59

In a move designed to help small businesses in the city expand their business activities, the Haifa Municipality initiated through the 2030 Administration and in cooperation with the Haifa Economic Company, the Isracard credit company and the Easy Cash Back app that encourages residents to buy at local businesses.

Photo: Zcahi Hod

The “Storm Rider” competition returns to Haifa

By: Shir Karpis | 7 February 2021, 12:53

The competition, in which dozens of windsurfers and kite surfers from all over the country will compete in extreme weather conditions, will be held, in accordance with tradition, on the stormiest day of the year, with the exact date to be decided two days before it takes place.

Among the participants in this year’s competition: runners-up in the world of windsurfing, Arnon Dagan and Amit Inbar and Israeli windsurfing champion, Shachar Tzobari Read more

After nearly a decade since it was last held in 2013, the extreme high-speed windsurfing competition returns to Haifa.

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