Haifa 2030


Mayor of Haifa

nachshon zuk

Acting Deputy Mayor

Adv. Inbal Rivlin

General Director

General Director of Haifa 2030: Inbal completed her PHD in Smart Urbanism and it’s connection to citizen’s satisfaction at the Haifa University., a lawyer with  20 years’ experience in municipal law and a master’s degree in law.

Completed her thesis on “Cultural Components and Their Connection to
Urban Growth” in the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Studies at the
University of Haifa.

Has experience in fundraising and establishing international ties abroad.

Orna Angel

Urban Renewal and Sustainability Consultant

Architect, B.A. in Environmental Design from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, M.A. in Architecture (magna laude) from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, sustainability expert. Former Jerusalem District Deputy Planner, CEO of The Marine Trust Limited (Otzar Mifalei Yam – the company
that developed the Tel Aviv Port), VP of Planning and Sustainability at the Shikun & Binui construction company.

Sebastian Wallerstein

Head of Urban Economic Development

Economist and urban planner, with over a decade of experience in planning, research and policy promotion in urban regeneration and housing policy, while specializing in social and economic aspects.

Eitan Kravchik

Maritime Consultant

Lecturer in the field of sailing and seamanship.

Professional manager in the competitive sailing industry.

Amit Eshbal

Culture and Heritage Consultant

Has a degree in psychology and music, and a teaching certificate from the University of Haifa. Is an active musician and has been involved for 15 years in a variety of cultural fields, initiating community projects, teaching, playing music and musical productions.

Tamar Dreyfuss

Transportion and Mobility Consultant

Expert in the fields of multi-medium transportation planning, models for predicting travel demand, short- and long-term traffic management planning, public transportation, safety, and bicycle and walking trails.

Amir Naftali

Tourism Strategy Consultant

Tourism development consultant having 20 years of experience as a leading CEO in various companies and organizations, and an expert in the economic, environmental and social development of tourism.

Merav Covrigaro

Head of social-community programs

Has a master’s degree in educational consulting from the University of Haifa, 25 years of experience in the development of training programs (IDF), and an expert in preparing and implementing programs in the fields of climate, the environment and society..

Yaniv Assas

Innovation and Technology Consultant

An innovative entrepreneur and manager having years of experience in the areas of innovation and technology. Established innovation centers in Israel and around the world and several start-ups.

Genady Seref

Head of Sports Strategy

A Technion engineering alumni, board member of the Table Tennis Association, founder of sports associations, professional coach and national team coach.

Shahaf Levi

Community and Public Engagement consultant

An architect with a master’s degree from the Technion in urban planning, an expert in sustainability.
Former VP of Tel Aviv Port, Housing and Construction Company

Avihay Malka

General Director Assistant

Has management and organization experience, served in the IDF Engineering Corps as a combat soldier and team leader.

Rotem Sabbah

Research & Development Assistant

Has a B.A. in Human Services with experience in improving and implementing human resources policy, work processes and quality of service in organizations.
Has experience in absorbing employees and ongoing support from the beginning of their work until the end of their employment in the organization.
She is currently engaged in research and supporting strategic projects, and providing ongoing support to project teams.

External advisors


Creative & Marketing

NFH helps brands to get results. From the Business strategy and Creative to a Full range of multidiscipline design services.

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Hava Rimon

Content editor

Established and edited the Hebrew monthly “Haim Aherim” (“Alternative Living”) and the Rimon Publishing House

Created and conducts the “Homer Nefesh” writing workshop.

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Content editor

Daniel Ben-Tal is a former English-speaking Israeli journalist with over three decades’ experience as a writer, editor and translator. Has penned hundreds of articles in leading publications worldwide, edited a Jerusalem Post weekly supplement and was an editor at the English version of the Haaretz broadsheet. Now writes Life Stories (biographies), edits and translates. Born and raised in Wales, has lived in Israel since 1976.

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Local and global collaborations