Khatib Street – A story of correct identification and action

How the rundown street was renewed and became a bustling recreation space

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Khatib Street – A story of correct identification and action

It can already be said that the Khatib project is a project that changes paradigms and mindset patterns, and sets a new standard regarding the link between hilly topography and thriving businesses. Khatib Street is a stairway connecting Shivat Zion Street to Paris Square. Nearby are the Maronite Church, the District Court and government offices. The street’s renovation reflects the municipality’s approach to such spaces in terms of proper maintenance, garbage disposal, renewing and refreshing materials – in short, improving the city’s appearance.

רחוב חטיב חיפה
Photo: Orna Angel

The project included adding colorful lighting to the street that was dark and uninviting, creating open seating for all, adding vegetation and planting trees. During the work, trust was built with the street’s residents, with existing business owners (The Bulgari restaurant, wine bar, upholsterer, glazier, pizza, theater) and with entrepreneurs who have recently opened or are about to open new businesses soon (a Flamenco school, branch of the Si Joli store, a new branch of Breada bakery, and the Davka ceramics studio). One of the expressions of trust was taking the local residents’ advice by closing the street to vehicles and finding alternative parking solutions. Khatib Street was deliberately chosen, to deal with the various challenges it posed by virtue of its structure in the renewal and renovation process. The success of this project, which required complex work with residents, business owners, planning and licensing officials in the municipality, is the catalyst for opening new businesses and renovating and renewing many other places around the city.

רחוב חטיב חיפה
Photo: Orna Angel

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